Competitor Information

The 2021 Hamilton Eisteddfod and special events have been cancelled. Please refer to our News page for more details.
The information about the 2021 competition below is for reference only.

Welcome to all Competitors!

The committee is looking forward to welcoming our 2021 Hamilton Eisteddfod competitors, parents and teachers. It has been a very frustrating year in 2020 as the pandemic took its toll on the performing arts. Cancelling the 2020 Eisteddfod was something that we thought we would never have to do. We are very excited about the prospect of holding an Eisteddfod in 2021 and hope that we can run a full Eisteddfod.

We know that your performance means a lot to you. While we can’t help you rehearse, we hope to help you arrive prepared. Our website can guide you in the lead up to the competition, whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned veteran of eisteddfods.

Find out how to submit your entry below, and then browse through the rest of the page to help you prepare.

We know some of you will travel long distances to be here, and we know all of you will spend long hours preparing for the Eisteddfod. Thank you for your commitment, and we look forward to seeing you in June!

Leeanne Barber
President, City of Hamilton Eisteddfod Inc

Leeanne Barber

Leeanne Barber, President

2021 Hamilton Eisteddfod Cancelled

Please refer to our homepage for more information.

Arrive Prepared

We look forward to seeing you at the Hamilton Performing Arts Centre on the day of your performance.

You will need to go to the Registration Desk in the main foyer of the PAC before the start of each session in which you will perform.

The Registration Desk opens at least 30 minutes before each session begins (you can check your session time on the Running Sheet, when it becomes available).

What to bring to the Registration Desk

Below is a summary of what to bring when you register on competition day. Refer to the General Conditions and Competition Schedule to check for any other specific requirements for your section.

All competitors
  • Bring your Section Number and Competitor Number for that section
    Your Competitor Number comes from the order of competitors in the section. (For example, if you are listed as performing third, your Competitor Number is 3). This information can be found in the program, or by logging into STARDOM in the final weeks leading up to the Eisteddfod.
    Have this information ready, and make sure these two numbers are written clearly on any music, CDs, etc which you need to hand in.
Music sections
  • Bring a labelled copy of each piece of music you will perform (preferably a full score)
    Sheet music must be handed in at the Registration Desk for all music sections except for sections 53-56 (see the item below for details).
    – Mark bar numbers at the beginning of each line of music.
    – Write your Section Number and Competitor Number at the top of the music.
  • If you also need to provide a copy of sheet music for the accompanist, make sure you bring another copy.
Music sections 53 – 56
  • Bring a copy of the words or accompaniment
    Sheet music is not required for Modern Vocal Solos or Animated Movie Vocal Solos, but competitors must hand in a copy of the words or accompaniment at the Registration Desk.
    – Write your Section Number and Competitor Number at the top of the music/words.
  • Bring a recorded professional backing CD (if required)
    Competitors may sing to a professional backing track in these sections. You will need to hand in your backing track CD at the Registration Desk.
    – The CD must contain backing vocals only, and only one item per disk.
    – Please make sure you label the disc clearly with your Section Number and Competitor Number, or your name.
Piano and Electone ‘Special Sections’
  • Bring a signed statement from your teacher
    Sections 1 and 30 require competitors to submit a signed statement from their teacher declaring that they have had no more than 18 months’ tuition on any instrument.
Orchestral and Band sections
  • Bring your group’s stage plan
    Competitors in orchestral and band sections must submit a stage plan to the Registration Desk. Check the section information in the Music Schedule to determine whether a stage plan is needed for your section.
    State the number of chairs and music stands required and the layout of these.
Dance sections
  • Bring recorded music for your backing track (if required)
    If you are using a CD with a recorded backing track for your dance performance, you will need to hand it in at the Registration Desk.
    Please make sure there is only one item on the CD.
    Label the disc clearly with your Section Number and Competitor Number, or your name.
    If you are using another device such as an iPad, iPod or USB stick, please advise us at the Registration Desk – you’ll then hand in the device backstage before you perform.
Speech & Drama sections
  • Printout of your performance item
    A copy of the item you will perform must be submitted at the Registration Desk. This means the words of your poem, rhyme, monologue, script etc.

    Write your Section Number and Competitor Number at the top of this piece of paper.

Remember to bring any instruments, props and costumes you require for your performance also – you’ll take these backstage with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions from our competitors. We hope that the questions and answers below can help you also.


I can’t find a section I am looking for on Stardom. Can you help?

You can find all the section details in our Competition Schedules here on the website. Just go to the Eisteddfod Details page you’re interested in (Music, Dance or Speech & Drama) to view or print the appropriate Schedule.

If you’ve looked up this information in the Schedule before you start your entry in Stardom, it will make the process much easier.

I’m having problems with the Stardom entry system. What do I do?

Firstly, we suggest you read the ‘Instructions on How to Enter’ document. This guides you step by step through the Stardom system.

If you have a question about the rules or criteria for a section you’d like to enter, look up the section in the Competition Schedule, and also check the General Conditions. If you still can’t find what you need, please contact our committee for assistance.

If you are having a technical issue with the Stardom system, please contact the Stardom support team:

Phone: (03) 5444 2610

If an invoice has already been sent to you, please quote the invoice number in your enquiry, so we can find your entry quickly.

Can I enter consecutive sections in Piano?

General Condition 24 states that a student may enter in only two consecutive grades of Music in the current Eisteddfod. This condition does not apply to age group sections so it is possible to enter consecutive age group sections.

What is a 'Novice'?

General Condition 32 states that a ‘Novice’ is a competitor who has never won a first, second or third prize in any solo genre at any age level in any eisteddfod as of the Hamilton Eisteddfod closing date for entries.

(That is, if you have ever won a prize for dancing you are not a ‘Novice’ for the purpose of the Hamilton Eisteddfod).

Is there is a Neo Dance Section?

Lyrical dance may include neo-classical, modern, and neo modern.

I submitted my entry, but I realise I made a mistake. Can I correct it?

If you discover a mistake before entries close, you can log into Stardom again and make changes to correct the error yourself.

If you discover a mistake after entries close, please email our committee ( and provide your competitor details and the required changes. Changes after entries close incur an adjustment fee – refer to the General Conditions for details.

I missed the closing date. Is there a way to submit a late entry?

Late entries will only be considered when a written case is presented to the Executive, outlining exceptional circumstances. An additional late fee may be incurred.

Refer to General Condition 11 for details.


What payment options are available for my entry fee?

The preferred payment method is credit card.

Payment may also be made by Cheque or Direct Deposit, and details for both of these methods are provided when you submit your entry in Stardom. When using Direct Deposit, please quote your invoice number.

I paid for my entry via Direct Debit. Why does Stardom still list it as unpaid?

It can take up to a week for direct debit payments to show in Stardom, because our Treasurer needs to review payments and update this information manually. We appreciate your patience – entry time is a busy period for our committee.


How do I know what day and time I will perform?

The Competition Running Sheets list which sections will perform in each session of each day at the Eisteddfod.

These Running Sheets are published on the website, as soon as the program has been finalised (this is usually around 3-4 weeks after entries close). When they are available, they can be found on the Music Competition page, Dance Competition page and Speech & Drama Competition page respectively.

Is an accompanist provided?

For Music competitions, you can choose to bring an accompanist with you, or book our Official Accompanist if required.

You will need to request the Official Accompanist when you enter via Stardom, and a small fee applies for each section. Refer to the General Conditions for details.

If you request the Official Accompanist, we will contact you closer to the time of the Eisteddfod to make arrangements (a rehearsal may be arranged if required).

Can I use a microphone for my vocal performance?

As outlined in General Condition 30, microphones (provided) can be used in all Modern Vocal Sections.

Please note that microphones are not permitted in any other section in the Music competition.

Can I use a recorded backing track for my performance?

A backing track can be used for Dance sections, and must be provided on CD, iPod or iPad. Please refer to General Condition 51 for full requirements.

In Music sections, a recorded backing track may only be used for Modern Vocal, Animated Movie Vocal and Instrumental sections. The Committee will provide equipment and staff to operate said equipment. (Refer to General Condition 29.)


As a teacher, can I enter all my students and groups at once in Stardom?

Yes, you can. Once you have created your own Stardom user account, you will be able to add different competitors and groups to your profile. This means that with a single Stardom login, you can manage multiple entries. These different competitors/groups will stay in your Stardom account for future entries too.


Where can I get a copy of the program?

You can order a program at the time you submit your entry, on the ‘Extras’ page in Stardom.

Programs are also available for purchase at several Hamilton locations closer to the start of the Eisteddfod. This includes Robinson’s Sportscene, Hamilton PAC and Hamilton Visitor Information Centre.

Go to our ‘Attend the Eisteddfod‘ page for program prices (note that programs ordered through Stardom and delivered to you include a small additional P&P fee – prices are given in Stardom).

Why haven't I received emails from the Eisteddfod?

Always check the junkmail folder in your email account, as emails often go astray here.